Step 2: Basic Norn Care and teaching

Your Norns will learn the differences between positive and negative actions themselves. If they touched a fire, for example, they would get burnt, and would learn that touching fires is not always a clever thing to do. Likewise, when they eat, they learn that eating reduces hunger - so when they're hungry, they'll look for food.

Although they're very effective at learning by themselves, you can help with this process by rewarding them for good behaviour, or punishing them for bad actions. If you click on a Norn's nose, you'll hear a little scratching sound as you tickle it. This will reward the Norn, and make it feel happier and more relaxed. Likewise, if your Norn does something bad, you can punish them by clicking on their bottoms to slap them. Be warned - slapping Norns does a small amount of damage to a Norn. It's nothing permanent, but if a Norn is slapped repeatedly, it might suffer bad injury. It'll certainly not trust you anymore, and may even declare that it dislikes you! However, an over-tickled Norn can come to think that everything it does is wonderful, and become 'spoilt'- performing whatever action it currently wants to, whether this is harmful or not. As with most things in life there is a balance involved - you may need to both reward and punish a creature during its lifetime, but overuse of either method can cause more harm than good.

Keyboard Tip
Trying to click on a particular part of a moving creature can be tricky! If you hold down the INSERT key the reward 'angel' appears and you can safely click anywhere on a creature to reward it with a tickle. Similarly, if you hold down the DELETE key the punishment 'devil' will appear and anywhere you click on a creature will be a slap.

Later on, when you've taught your Norns to speak, you can dispense with the physical contact and tell them whether their actions are good or not by speaking to them.