Step 1: Name your Norns!

Norns can be named using the Agent Help facility. Press F1, or click on the Agent Help activate control on the HUD (see the previous section for an explanation of this acronym). The Hand object will change to show a question mark.

Now right-click the Norn you wish to name. A window will open that lets you see all sorts of information about the creature, including major life events, such as births, pregnancies and deaths, a photograph album, and genetic information for advanced players (see Chapter 6). This is the Creature History window.

Click in the name box and type in the name for your creature. Close the window again by clicking on the round orange close button to the top right. If you click on the Creature Menu pull-out at the top right hand of the game screen, you'll see your Norn now has its name shown underneath a picture of its head.

Once a creature is named, you can talk to him or her specifically. If you choose not to name your Norns, they will make up names for themselves. If two Norns happen to choose the same name, things can get a little confusing!