Developing for Creatures

Maybe you have dreams of developing the ultimate Norn, or making an agent to cure all world diseases... if so, feel free! We're interested to see what you come up with. There have been many fantastic agents and creatures made for the Creatures series so far by enthusiastic fans.

The agents in the Docking Station are called 'autonomous agents'. You can develop your own agents using the language of CAOS, or Creatures Agent Object Scripting. If you're interested in learning about CAOS, then you can join the free Creatures Developer's Network (the CDN). Here you can find out technical and insider info about the game architecture, and meet people of like mind. You may even get to meet the members of the Creatures Labs team. Most importantly, we won't flood you with silly emails because you've joined! See for information on the CDN.

If you don't wish to learn programming, but are interested in the inner workings of the Norns themselves, you can alter the Creatures Digital DNA (dDNA). This can be achieved either naturally using selective breeding, or by editing the dDNA directly using the Genetics Kit gene editor. This is quite a complex tool, available to buy cheaply online through the CDN. If you're interested in learning some more first, try searching the internet for third party tools that may allow you to dabble in Norn genetics without having to buy another application.

The Creatures series of games has inspired a large number of people to make websites or new agents, sometimes even new species! It is always worth searching around the Internet to see what other players have created. There is a wealth of useful and interesting websites, agents and creatures out there, begging to be downloaded.

Please note: Creature Labs cannot be held responsible for the content of any third party creations for the Docking Station or Creatures 3.