Exporting Creatures to a file

The Norns of the Creatures games are unique entities - each one is the result of dDNA it inherited and the experiences it has lived through. They have free roam to travel across the Capillata, the Creatures 3 Ark and other, as yet unknown, ships and areas of space. They can even travel through the warp and enter other worlds while retaining their unique identity. To remove a creature from this universe and onto your hard drive breaks that continuity and opens up the possibility of reality fracturing events such as file duplication. To prevent this each creature is only able to remember the history of its life, and the events that took place, while it remains within the universe of Docking Station.Of course, in Creatures 3, there are more sources of danger to your Norns. Be prepared to fend off the Grendels, and keep your Norns away from the piranha pool!

That said, it is possible to export a creature to your hard drive but the history of events for that creature will be erased - so think carefully about whether you really need to remove the creature from its universe before deciding to export one. If you want to send it to someone it is much more efficient to use the warp as this retains the information for this creature and allows it to record its achievements on Docking Station Central.

You can export a creature to your hard drive using the export button on the Creature Menu. This will turn your Norn into a file that you can email to someone, or simply keep for later use.

To Export a Norn

1. Open the Norn Selector
2. Ensure the creature you wish to export is selected (has a red arrow above it)
3. Click on the 'minus' button

To Import a Norn
1. Open the Norn Selector
2. Click on the 'plus' button
3. Select the Norn you wish to import

Exported Norns will go into your docking station game's 'My Creatures' folder. You can open this using Windows Explorer, accessible via the START menu.