Creatures 3 and the Docking Station

As has been mentioned in passing above, if you own Creatures 3, you can combine it with the Docking Station to make a huge world for your Norns. When you do this, a new elevator will appear in the Atrium, giving access to the great Shee ark. What are the advantages of docking your game?

Of course, in Creatures 3, there are more sources of danger to your Norns. Be prepared to fend off the Grendels, and keep your Norns away from the piranha pool!

Creatures 3 .agent files
There are many '.agent' files available for Creatures 3 but not all of them will be compatible with Docking Station unless you own Creatures 3. You can toggle between viewing Creatures 3 and Docking Station .agent files by pressing the small icon to the right of the Agent Injector page. The author of the .agent will be able to tell you whether it works without Creatures 3, but injecting one that doesn't will give an error on the screen to explain why.