The Docking Station is designed to allow easy expansion and development for players of the game. If you wish to, you can learn more about the inner workings of the game, and make new agents to add to the variety of the game. You will be able to find websites made by fans of the game from which you can download new agents for your game!

New agents for your world

As well as importing Norns, you can add new agents to your world, either ones made by Creature Labs or by other players. New agents can be downloaded from the Internet as '.agent' files (for example, "newfood.agent").

Place these files in the 'My Agents' directory of your Docking Station game to have them accessible by the Comms section of the ship.

Press the Agent Injector button in Comms to access the page and you will see a list of the agents you can inject. To scroll up and down this list, press the left and right arrow buttons beneath the screen (not the camera controls!).

If you select an agent from the list you will see some text appear on the right. This gives a brief description of the agent, and an image of the agent will appear on the large camera screen. If the author of the agent has a web site then the web button will be highlighted and you can click here to access the authors page.

To inject the agent you have selected press the green tick button. The agent will be injected into your world. Some agents will appear in the Comms area next to the door, but others will appear in a set position on the space station and a clue to their location shown on the camera screen.

If you want to remove an agent you have injected you can press the red cancel button while that agent is selected from the list.