Game Objectives

The Docking Station is an open-ended game - you play however you like to play. There are probably as many ways of playing as there are users of the game. Most players choose to try and maintain a steady, healthy population of Norns, but that is entirely up to you!

The Norns of the Docking Station are living creatures - they have a complex biochemistry, a system of organs, a brain that is capable of learning, and a genome that specifies all of the above. Norns have a computerised genetic code called Creatures Digital DNA. It controls everything about them - their appearance, their ability to digest food, their intelligence and their health. Norns can breed, too, passing on their unique DNA to their offspring. After the first generation of Norns, each Norn is unique - their DNA has been mutated and spliced from their parents'. Who knows what a future Norn may be like? So far in the Creatures series, there have already been some fascinating mutations - immortal Norns, super-intelligent Norns (relatively speaking, of course!), or Norns with brightly coloured fur.

Keeping Norns healthy isn't necessarily easy. It's your job to steer them through life, teach them right from wrong, and patch them up if you can't make them avoid the dangers everyday life on Capillata can offer.

How do you do this?

Norns, being based on real animals, have survival instincts when they're born. They will, eventually, learn to eat, sleep, talk, play, breed and eventually die (though they don't have any instincts telling them how to do that!). With your help, though, they can learn much faster, and avoid the pitfalls that await innocent little fur balls without a guiding Hand. Much like real animals, a Norn won't always choose the best course on its own - so they need our guidance from time to time. However, they can make decisions of their own and remember the past, so if you tell a Norn to do something it thinks is a really bad idea, it'll probably ignore you. Building up trust between the Hand and the Norns is part of the game. How can you guide these creatures along their life?