Learning your way around the game

The Docking station is a biological space station, with four main areas. The central area is the Atrium, where Creatures 3 will connect to Capillata if she is docked. The other areas are the Norn Meso area, the Comms room, and the Workshop. Each area has its own special functions- for instance, the Norn Meso area is a very comfortable place for Norns to live, with plenty of food and toys.

It is important to know your way around the game display screen. Below is a picture of everyday Norn life:

The Hand
This is your in-world presence. You can move the Hand around with the mouse. To activate most objects, click on them. To pick some things you can right click on them. The Norns can see your hand, and will learn to like or dislike it according to your actions! The Hand is an example of an Agent (see below). Norns cannot be picked up, but they can be lead around by the Hand if you right click on them.

Agents are objects in the world. All objects in the world, be they plants, insects or doors, are agents. Many agents perform actions. Creatures can trigger many agents without your help. Some agents, however, are purely designed for your use - you interact with all agents using the Hand. This particular agent is a lift button. Left click on an agent to activate it.

A Creature
Creatures are different from other agents in your world. They are still agents, but they have their own unique brain structures, biochemistry and genes. They can learn and adapt to new situations, in much the same way we do.

Currently Selected Creature
A little red arrow hovers above the currently selected creature. The camera will scroll to follow this Norn around, and a picture of its head will appear in the HUD (see below). Note that you may also see a little green arrow. This shows what the currently selected Norn is looking at.

Heads Up Display (HUD)
This shows the head of the currently selected creature, its name and gender. It also has a button for Agent Help (see below). If you have more than one creature and press the TAB button repeatedly, you'll cycle through all of your creatures and this information will change.

You can click on various parts of the HUD to perform different actions.

  1. Click on the face to centre the display on the selected creature.

  2. Click on the name to open up the Creature History dialogue which allows you to name your creature. You can also take photographs and add text with this dialogue. You can open the same dialogue by clicking on a creature when in Agent Help mode (see below).

  3. Click the green button to toggle your online/offline status.

  4. Click the hand icon to enter Agent Help mode (see below.