Where are your Norns today?

Welcome to the Docking Station, an exciting new multiplayer game from the creators of the Creatures series!

This is no ordinary game. By playing with the Docking Station, you will be taking part in one of the largest ever Artificial Life experiments. Not only will you be breeding your own unique artificial life forms, called Norns, but you will be able to connect your computer, through the internet, and form a part of a vast online world through which your Norns can wander at will.

Who knows who will be living on your space ship in a few weeks time?


Capillata, a living space station

Far back in the mists of time, the ancient race of Shee left Albia, in search of a new home in a huge biological spaceship, the Shee Ark.

That, however, is another story...

The Shee were not known for their timekeeping skills, and when the huge ship left, one Shee scientist was left behind on an empty planet. He'd been working on a new method for travelling from place to place and only noticed that the others had left when he was satisfied his new device was fully functional. This device would have saved all the work that had evidently preceded the evacuation of the planet - if only they had waited for him! His device allowed you to open up these, er, blue things, and step through. The other end of the blue thing could be configured to drop you out at all sorts of places - but some of the things he saw were a bit warped for his taste. Hmmm - Warp. That would be a suitable name for the blue thing! To be honest he wasn't really sure whether the warp connected places in space or places in time - come to think of it he wasn't 100% sure that the place he was in now was where he actually started either. But hey, it looked very similar and at the end of the day that was all that mattered. Why had none of the others waited for him?

He decided he had to follow the rest of the Shee and show them what they had missed, so using various spare genomic bits and bobs from around the planet he built a new living spaceship, which he called Capillata.

The last Shee loaded up what supplies he thought would be necessary, and packed some samples to tinker with during the journey. He had a brilliant idea for launching the space station- exploding the old volcano would give Capillata the necessary thrust to leave Albia. Of course, this would destroy a lot of Albia's delicate ecosystem, but you can't stand in the way of the march of science. He'd left explicit instructions with the few Ettins left on Albia for them to clean up after the radiation levels had died down sufficiently. Surely even the Ettins couldn't mess that up!

So the last of the Shee travelled on, in his eternal quest for the Shee spaceship, and hopefully a new source of tea, too.