A Word on Netiquette
The internet is getting larger and more complicated each day, and it has its own rules of politeness and acceptable behaviour - rules that can seem more than slightly bizarre if you don't know them. It's very easy to put a foot wrong without meaning to, so knowing something of the means and mores of our great online society can be a great help in making new friends!

It's pretty obvious, but may be worth mentioning... swearwords are generally frowned upon in the nicer areas of the internet, including the Creatures Community. Try to keep your language to PG (child friendly!) rating.

Remember, there are real people behind those keyboards! Don't deliberately insult people or be annoying just to get a reaction - you're hurting the feelings of real people.

Asking people their age, sex, real name or location is frowned upon by some people and you should be careful disclosing such information yourself. Only ask someone's real name if you feel you know them well as a friend. Don't be surprised if some people get very heated when you ask them for personal information - to some this is a great sin and has gained the name of 'polling' or 'statting'. There is no law against this on our servers but some people wont like you for asking.


The oldest rule of the Internet is 'Thou shalt not be annoying, and thou shalt not be easily annoyed'. Covers pretty much everything. Some people get kicks out of making others feel bad - don't be like that yourself and don't rise to it when others try it on you. If someone is being very annoying to you, you can class them as an enemy and all messages and creatures from them will be ignored. If things persist please consult the web site for information on how to report abuse.

The Internet also has its own language and you'll hear expressions that you won't meet in the real world. Here's a scattering of some of the more common ones.

afk: Short for Away From Keyboard - the person is not going to reply for a few minutes.

brb: Be Right Back

cya: See ya! A way of saying goodbye.

Flame: The word flame has become a verb online. It simply means to insult someone.

<g>: Grin. Variants include (big grin), (evil grin), (very evil grin), <g,d&r>: (grin, duck and run).

Grah!: If you have played the Creatures game before, you'll know something of the language of Grendels. This word has come to be an expression of general exasperation. Obviously, this word is only used among Creatures fans. You may also here 'Flib dis!', 'Bibble!', or 'Grah narg!'. The men in white coats are coming to collect most of the online Creatures community as we speak.

iaw: In another window. This person is still at the computer, but is working on something else, and not really paying attention.

irl: In Real Life. Rather worryingly, this makes the distinction between being online and the 'real world'.

IMO: In My Opinion. Another version of it is IMHO, In my Humble Opinion.

lol: Laughing Out Loud. Actually, 'lol' no longer really means that person is paralysed with gales of hilarity, and it is used as an expression of mild amusement.

Naven: This is a term unique to the online Creatures community. It means a person who makes up stories to get attention, lies a lot, or generally acts in an irritating way.

<s>: Smile. As for <g> above, it can be modified: <bs> etc.

Troll: A troll is someone that causes havoc and deliberately annoys people just to get a reaction. Trolls are best ignored - they only get worse if you pay attention to them.

rofl: Rolling On the Floor Laughing. Something has happened that is really funny.