Using the Portals
It is also possible to connect your world permanently to another person's, using the portal system. Unlike the Containment Chamber, portals are a method Norns themselves can use to cross between worlds. You cannot force a Norn through a portal - you have to ask them to 'push portal'. Of course, a Norn may decide itself to go through a portal without any pressuring from you! Portals, therefore, are both powerful and a bit dangerous. You may lose your favourite Norns through a portal if they simply don't like where they are. However, it does mean you can transport any Norn anywhere in your world without first directing them to the workshop area.

You can have up to 10 portals in your world at any one time. To create a portal, go to the workshop area, and use the portal dispenser. You'll find the portal dispenser in the top left area of the workshop. Click the create button to make a portal - it will appear and tendrils from the device will wrap around it. Click the configure button, and the game will zoom to the workshop display screen. You can then choose how to set up the portal - who it will send Norns to, and who it can receive Norns from. Be warned - Norns can enter your world at will through portals and bypass immigration - they will not arrive in the containment area, so you will not have a chance to check or reject them. However, an event icon will appear if a Norn warps into your world through an open portal. Setting a portal to receive from 'any online user' makes your world utterly open to all other online worlds, and should be used with caution!

You can choose more than one contact for the 'Send to' column and the final destination will be chosen at random when a creature activates the portal.

Once a portal is programmed and named to your satisfaction, press the release button to remove the portal from the programming device. Clicking on this portal will now open it. If you are online and the receiver of the portal is also online, a blue Warp entrance will appear in the middle of the open portal. This portal is now active and ready to receive or send Norns wherever they wish to go.

Chamber Sending
Sending a Norn to someone else is simple. Place your Norn into the Containment Chamber, and close the door by clicking on the lock icon between the screen and the chamber. Choose the 'Configure the Chamber' icon from the top of the screen and you will see a list of your contacts. Select the face of the creature from the display and click on the name of the person you wish to send the Norn to. Then click the left pointing arrow by the 'Send to' window to add them to that column. The Containment Chamber can only have one person specified in the 'Send to' column but portals are different (see next section). You can't clone Norns by sending them to lots of people at once!

Click the single green tick on the left of the screen to send the selected creature to the person specified in the 'Send to' column. Depending on the speed of your connection, the game may pause at this point until the Norn has been sent.

You can also choose to send your Norn to 'any online user'. The Norn will then be sent to any user who is online at that time. This can be a good way to make contact with other users but obviously you have no say in where your precious Norn is sent! Once the creature has been sent the screen will display the name of the player the creature was sent to, and they will be added to your contact book for future use. You can use the Docking Station Central site to follow the voyage of your creature, and see where it goes to next!

Sending your Norn to 'any friend' only works if you have already have contacts you have classified as friends using the Comms computer. If you have a number of people classified as friends then the creature will be sent to one of these people randomly. They do not have to be online for you to use this option as the creature will be waiting for them next time they log on.