Your Contacts

Obviously, once you go online with the Docking Station, you'll be eager to get hold of your friends and show them your splendid examples of Nornhood. You'll need to put all the people you like talking to on your in-game contact list. This will enable you to send them messages, chat to them and send them Norns directly.

The first time you receive a creature or message from a player, an entry will automatically be created in your contact book. Similarly, if you choose to send a creature into the warp using the 'any online user' contact then the recipient will be added to your contact book.

If you want to add a particular user to your contact book, you'll need to go online and access the Docking Station website. Use the find user link to find your friend. Make sure you know their nickname or email address first! Once you have found the person you're looking for, click on their profile, and then choose the link 'add user to my contact list'. This will add the person to your in-game contact list. If you are online at this point then the entry will be appear in your contact book within a few seconds. If you are offline then it will appear the next time that you connect to the Creatures Labs server.

Once someone is on your contact list, you can alter his or her status to neutral, friend, or enemy. You will be notified if someone on your friends list comes online or goes offline. Anyone friendly or neutral can send you Norns, but an enemy cannot send you Norns or talk to you at all.

Making someone your lifelong friend (or enemy) is simple. Go into the Comms area of the station, and press the View Contacts button on the left-hand side of the main display screen. This will bring up a list of all your contacts, together with a little smiley face, showing what you think of them. Clicking on this face will cycle through the three possible states of the contact - green smiling face for friend, yellow indifferent face for neutral, and snarling red face for enemy. Set each contact to what you wish it to be, and the game will save that person's status. Note that contact lists are unique to each world you create - so if you set someone to friend in one of your worlds, they won't be a friend in your other worlds until you set them to friend there too. An exported contact list retains the status of your contacts, so when you import them they will still be classified as friends or foes.