Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Docking Station is its ability to link to other online Docking Stations to form a vast web of connected worlds, through which your Norns can travel at will.

Getting Started

In order to connect to the Docking Station, you need an Internet dialup connection. If you can browse the web from your computer, you are capable of connecting to the Docking Station server! You must also have registered your product, as described in section 1.5, Installation.

Each world you create will require you to connect to the Internet in order to check your registration, but from then on, you can choose to play online or offline as you wish. To switch between the two, press the little green button by the HUD display. When this button is bright green, you are connected. When it is dull green, you are playing offline. Pressing the button toggles between the two states.

Note that each time you load a world it will be offline, regardless of whether you are connected to the internet or not - so if you find your friends don't seem to be online, check your little green button!