Getting Started

When you start the Docking Station for the first time, you'll be asked to enter a name for your world. The name of this world will be used in all records relating to your creatures, which will be updated to the game server. When another player views information on your creatures they'll know which world they came from originally. The choice of names is entirely up to you!

The game will then create your new world, and display a progress bar to show how it is doing. Don't worry if it seems to be taking some time - creating a living ship that is full of alien experiments can take a while!

You will then be asked for your registration user name and password. You have to give these in order to enter the world the first time. Finally, you'll enter the world.

You'll be presented with a choice of starting conditions. You can start with two 'ready to breed' adult Norns, called a Starter Family, or you can start with two eggs. If you have played any of the Creatures series before, you may wish to start with the eggs. If you'd like to play around, experiment and get the hang of the game, we recommend the Starter Family. You can also choose to start with neither eggs, nor a starting family. You may wish to do this if you want to explore without the Norns getting under your feet (metaphorically, of course!). However, be aware that although you can create and hatch more eggs at any time during game play, this is your only chance to have a Starter Family in this world. If you wish to play with a Starter Family at a later date, you can make a new world using the world switcher.

If you selected the Eggs button
Muco, the rather disturbingly biological egg layer, will produce two eggs for you, and spit them into the incubating heat pan. This is the area immediately to the left of Muco with the lit-up floor. Eggs in the incubating heat pan hatch much quicker than eggs left in the 'wild'. If you have Creatures 3 installed, or purchased extra breeds, you will have a lot more choices of Norn breeds available from Muco than if you only have the Docking Station.

If you selected the Starter Family button
Two Norns, a male and a female, will appear from within mystic spheres of light. They are fully adult, ready to breed, and have a full vocabulary. You may wish to keep them apart for a bit until you've got the hang of the game - a little baby Norn may appear very quickly otherwise! Remember that you can guide your Norns about by right clicking on them.