Before We Start

In this manual, we'll refer to a number of phrases such as 'right click' and 'select'. When we refer to 'clicking on' or 'selecting' something, we mean moving the mouse pointer (which will be shaped like a hand during game play) over something and pressing the left mouse button and then releasing it. A right-click is the same action, but using your right mouse button. Occasionally, we also refer to 'double clicking'. This means clicking on something twice in quick succession with the left mouse button. Some computer mice have extra buttons or controls. Refer to your mouse manufacturer's documentation to find out how these work.

DirectX Disclaimer

The Docking Station utilises Microsoft's DirectX sound and video drivers. DirectX is a programming tool created by Microsoft, and the installation of DirectX may cause video problems and system anomalies with computers using video drivers that aren't DirectX compliant. DirectX is a Microsoft product, and as such, this publisher (Creature Labs) cannot be held responsible for changes that might occur to your computer system due to its installation. For DirectX related problems that cannot be fixed by updating to your video or sound card's latest Windows driver set, you must contact either Microsoft or the manufacturer of your video card for further technical support or service.

Microsoft retains all intellectual property rights to DirectX. The user has been granted a limited license to use DirectX with Microsoft operating system products.

Installation Guide

The first step in installing the Docking Station is to register your user name and receive your password via email. To do this, you must log on to the Docking Station website, and choose the register link. Make sure you choose an unusual, interesting (and clean!) user name - it'll be your name in the game to other users from now on! You will be given a password which you can alter later to something memorable, and be given the option of making your personal details public or not.

Next, you will be taken to a download screen. Here, you will download the Docking Station installer, which will download all the files you need to run the Docking Station. If you have a previous install, it will not download any files you already have, saving you download time. The installer will then add the Docking Station to your start menu. Clicking on the start menu Docking Station item will start the game and automatically update it if you are online. You can run the Docking Station offline, although obviously you will not be able to use its multiplayer capabilities. You must be online the first time you create a new world (see section 2.5).

Where to get Help

For assistance with installation or running the game please check the Support section of the Docking Station website. For game play assistance or advice you may find help in the Docking Station Forums which are also available from the website.