Category Names
Each agent in the world falls into one of the categories below. The category of the agent will be the name used to refer to the object by the creatures.
Remember, if you are unsure of the category used for an agent you should enter Agent Help mode and right-click on it.
Not all of the categories listed below exist within Docking Station - some of them only appear in Creatures 3.

Category Name
This refers to your presence in the world and is the only agent that uses this category.
The access ways between each area of the ship.
Some plants produce seeds which will eventually grow into other plants. Nuts (such as the Explodonut) also fall into this category. Seeds are an essential part of most Norn's diet and are high in starch.
Plants generally provide no nourishment to a creature such as a Norn, but they form an essential part of the food chain as they may produce fruits and seeds which the creatures depend on. Other agents in the world may use plants as part of their own lifecycle.
This is a plant that generally has a nasty effect on most creatures. This could be because it stings the creature if it tries to pick it up, or may be harmful if eaten.
This is a specific part on some plants that may be used by other agents (such as a caterpillar) but generally is of no use to a creature.
Another specific part of some plants. If you see a flower on a plant it is probably a sign that the plant will produce fruits or seeds soon. Some flowers may require pollination before producing fruits or seeds.
The fleshy, juicy part of some plants. Fruit is a major part of a Norn's diet and are high in protein.
Some fruit rots away when left lying on the floor uneaten. The rotten remains of the fruit will often provide a totally different taste sensation than the fresh version! Some manky fruits contain alcohol and can make a creature quite drunk.
This category is used to describe the animal and plant waste that can accumulate in any living world. Detritus is generally not nice to eat! Other agents may depend on detritus as part of their own lifecycle.
The last of the 3 major food groups for a Norn. This category is broad and can cover a wide range of things from carrots to cheese! The common factor in all of these agents is that they are rich in fat.
Buttons are used for navigating around the ship. You will find a few different types of button around the Capillata from lift call buttons to teleporter buttons.
A flying insect type animal that is harmless to your Norns. These little winged agents can be an essential requirement for a balanced environment, pollinating plants and removing harmful detritus from the world.
The nasty variety of bugs! These flying animals may also play an important part in the environment but they also pose a hazard to inquisitive Norns. Make sure your creatures realise that trying to eat, or handle, pests can hurt!
A harmless creature who shares the environment with your Norns. These critters may provide some amusement for an inquisitive Norn, or they may simply ignore them.
These critters have the potential to cause harm to a Norn so watch out for them. They usually will only attack if provoked, so make sure your Norn is careful about what it pokes and pushes!
Some animals require a home that they return to. This category refers not only to things like a hawk's nest but also homes such as a beehive or a dog kennel.
"animal egg"
Some animals, such as the handlefish, produce eggs. These eggs are not to be confused with Creature Eggs from which a Norn will hatch!
Clouds, rain, snow. All forms of weather phenomena that can be seen by a Norn are referred to as 'weather'.
Don't even go there! This is something that, for whatever reason, should not be touched, picked up or eaten.
A nice thing to play with. This category of objects covers all the distractions that give a Norn pleasure, whether it is a ball or a firework.
These devices are designed for speeding up the hatching process of Creature Eggs. Drop an egg into the incubator to make it hatch quicker.
Press the dispenser and something pops out. The agent that is dispensed is often food so creatures get a kick out of pressing dispensers!
A useful thing. Tools are often there for the benefit of the player rather than a creature. Getting a creature to push a tool often unlocks new or advanced features.
A drink that generally has helpful effects on the creature that drinks it. Creatures drink an item by telling them to 'eat' it. Norns have small brains and so any act that involves taking nourishment from something is all eating as far as they are concerned!
A means of moving up and down between levels. 'Push' the elevator to go up, 'pull' to go down.
These devices move the creature from one spot to another. The exact nature of the movement is dependent on the particular teleporter. Some always take you to the same place, others have a choice of destinations.
A big chunk of complicated doo-dads and technojibbery. These things often perform complicated tasks (such as controlling your containment chamber) and are usually too much for a Norn to control.
"creature egg"
The source of life for the Norns. Creature Eggs are produced by the Muco the Egg Layer or laid by a pregnant female.
"norn home"
Norns like to have somewhere they call home. These areas invoke nice feelings in a creature and they may return here to release their eggs or if homesick.
"grendel home"
These areas are where a Grendel considers home.
"ettin home"
These areas are where an Ettin considers home.
These devices are small and portable gadgets, but don't assume that their size indicates their complexity! Some examples of gadgets are the sludgegun and creature detector from Creatures 3.
These devices are the means to escape through the warp to another place (or is it time?). A creature can activate these devices and will be transported out of your world.
Vehicles are devices that travel from side to side, such as a cable car.
The cute furry inquisitive things running around your world!
The mean tempered green creatures found on the Creatures 3 ark.
The white absent minded caretakers who have spent the last aeon tidying up the Creatures 3 ark.
Something you don't need to worry about! This is an agent that the creature cannot even see, let alone interact with. Examples would be the user interface down the right hand side of the screen.