Poisons and Antidotes

Even a healthy Norn can fall foul of some of the nastier influences in the world, and one of these is poisoning. Many of the bacteria produce various toxins, and creatures can get ill from eating things that they shouldn't. For instance, detritus is really not a good diet for a Norn! It is also possible to have a Norn born with a mutation that results in chronic poisoning.

However, do not despair, since all the poisons in Capillata have an antidote. These antidotes can be found in various edibles around the station. If you have a Norn you suspect might be poisoned, drop the HoverDoc onto it, and click the right hand arrow to slide out the options panel. Click the bottle sign to look for toxins in the Norn's bloodstream. The HoverDoc will tell you if there is anything there shouldn't be in the Norn's system. Click the green tick at the top of the screen, and it will tell you a suitable treatment. Here is a list of all toxins, their effects, and the antidote:

Poison Effect Antidote
Heavy Metals Slowly destroys the immune system, and causes permanent infertility if not cured. EDTA
Cyanide Slows down the Norn's mitochondria - the main energy producing organ. In large doses, can cause instant death! Sodium Thiosulphate
Belladonna Slows down the Mitochondria, and upsets the Norn's emotional state and chemical regulation systems. No cure - Belladonna slowly decays over time
Geddonase Reacts with adipose tissue, removing it from the Norn's system. Slowly decays over time
Glycotoxin Reacts with glycogen, removing it from the Norn's system. Arnica
Histamine A Causes sneezing. Often a sign of illness. Antihistamine
Histamine B Causes coughing. Often a sign of illness. Antihistamine
Alcohol Found in fermented detritus. Affects the Norn's emotional state, and can cause long term damage to the liver. Dehydrogenase
ATP decoupler The nastiest poison there is, this stops any energy production in the Norn's body. Often causes instant death. Luckily, it is very rare. Medicine One
Carbon Monoxide Prevents uptake of oxygen during breathing. Anti-oxidant

If you wish to watch the effects of an antidote, or keep a closer eye on your poisoned Norn, take it to the Containment Chamber. Once sealed within the containment pod, click on the Norn's face in the view-screen above the pod, and then click on the red cross to the right of the main screen. This will activate the health scanning facility. Click on the bones symbol to access a graph of your Norn's toxins.